The Ukrainian Association of Tax Payers declares to popularly-elected the National Tax Service experts to perform their professional duties

The Ukrainian Association of Tax Payers (UATP), the Ukrainian Public Organization, has made public disclosure of its position in the situation that happened with the National Tax Service of Ukraine (NTSU). The UA-Times Agency quotes the complete declaration. 


“The UATP raises an unpleased concern of some citizens about not only the Executives activity but indeed the whole controlling body of the NTSU, including popularly-elected. The UATP draws the attention via its message to the public and foremost to itself.

The attitude of the political representatives is completely unclear. Having a solid conviction of their economic problems engagement within the country at parties and at proceeding sessions of the established committees by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU), the Supreme Council of Ukraine, and not within their social media posts. We are aware of having the list of the most crucial territorial entities ownership, where the enormous flow of government funds is being interfered, is a direct responsibility of Ukrainian citizens to denounce to the authorities, and they will investigate carefully such an activity of the entities mentioned above, assess the tax risks, gather evidence of the illegal activity and so forth.

To make a post on social media accounts listing such ambiguous entities is an instance of imprudence. There is a chance to depict a harmful impact on self-conscious taxpayers, but tax burden escapers and formers of credit schemes will be pleased for the warning, they will swindle other companies and launch another.

Dear popularly-elected, stop your own political games, provide a crime-sponsored cover, let specialists of the DPS of Ukraine perform their routine laborious duties professionally. We have been confirmed of DPS of Ukraine readiness, transparency, excellent results in the long – run showing us within the last 3 months more than $36 million extra government funds.

It should be pointed out once more, there is a global woe called COVID–19 Pandemic. Along with that in Ukraine, the quarantine is announced and a financial crisis arises. Today, more than ever business is expecting from the Executive and Legislative power of Ukraine concerted efforts, acting reform, what is more, support, but not vice versa as it is adopted at the bill number 1210 so-called the law of tax violence. Having been assigned bill number №446 in May 2020, Volodymyr Zelenskii, the President of Ukraine, ordered immediately the Office of the President Ukraine to gather business representatives and come to an agreement about the principle of law number №446 improvement. After that, for three weeks the operative group is working on its improvement, where among the others the UATP highly-qualified specialists have occurred 24/7. The group offers and finds the way of business occupation relieving, and, what is more important, postponing more tighten principle of law. Next, the result of their efforts comes to the specialized committee of the VR of Ukraine, where the part of insights are in contradiction and pasted into the bill №2524 of the second reading. In the long – run, another law is preparing to come into forth, nowhere near the relieving of pressure on the business. And business faces again terrible principles of the taxing power, the part of has been coming into forth since May 23 of the current year.

Once again, we are addressing the popularly-elected of Ukraine with strongly encourage to organize special consultation, make a calculation, and evaluate risks before issuing a statement, going public, and so on. Remember, there is no right to a mistake. For not right decisions that lead to negative effects, one must be responsible.

Ukrainian Association of Tax Payers (UATP)

Translation: Kirill Voitsyk

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