Summary of the forum



  1. Cristina Berechet, Scott Hennig, Stefan Wennberg have a little chat on: skiing, on where to better spend holidays, Spain. Scott Hennig and Stefan Wennberg know each other well, happy to see each other. Not everyone is present at the video conference.
  2. John O’Connell dwells on the context of this Regional Forum for Europe and Africa (he also participated in the one for the Americas), new internet technologies for roundtables involving: Zoom, Google Meet etc. Describes the involvement in the realities of the UK of the leading newspaper Daily Mail, with articles exposing the government money waste mechanism and how it’s always interesting and fascinating to the public. The adjustment of work to the reality of the pandemic.
  3. Scott Hennig describes ways to get people involved in fundraising through petitions, on transcription services for audiobooks such as, on how to get emails from people, how to get them invested, and catch their attention with intriguing article titles. Thinks that sometimes emails may not work. Explains the ways how to get people involved through email surveys and time scarcity mechanisms. Describes the success rate with people never being 100%. Defends the idea that people should be treated as economically aware and wise.  Recommends using the sites:, Is a proponent of solving major problems through the minor ones.
  4. Pete Sepp shares ways how to get to clients, get them involved in the fundraising. Including congratulations with holidays like: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzza through mail gifts with 50 000 Zimbabwean dollars bills that due to poor fiscal policy of those countries are worth less than a dollar each, argues that is the effective means to convey the message to the recipients. Discusses the possibility of involvement of alternative media sources such as Parler, besides Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon. Dwells on the usage of Zoom technology.
  5. Daniel Bunn describes the state of taxation systems of the EU countries, dwells on the web-sites giving the information such as, tells of Think Tanks, KEFIM of Greece, Prometheus of Germany, Epicenter, shares his email: Emphasizes the importance of being succinct. Praised the Baltic States for great Tax Legislation and the conditions for doing business. Proposed to consider the usage of
  6. Christian Ekström tells of money waste by bureaucracy  in Sweden by different Municipalities, of the Waste Ombudsman
  7. Irene Otieno of Kenya — on state of the civil society in her country. Difficulties connected with the Covid-19, taxation
  8. Martin Gundinger proposes to address the Austrian Economics, the great economists of the past such as Hayek, Friedman, Bastiat and what would they do under such circumstances (including pandemic).
  9. Mykhailo Lavrovskyi addresses the issues of taxation in Ukraine (concerning the import of the used cars) and dwells on the Law on the Purchase of Land, on the future Ronald Reagan monument in Kiev as a reminder to politicians.
  10.  Nikolai Popov tells of corruption protests and the situation in Bulgaria.

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