Free Market Road Show 2014

  • 4/30/14 2:43 PM

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Free Market Road Show 2014

Kyiv, Wednesday, April 30


11:30-12:00 Entry & Registration
12:00-12:15 Welcome Address
Vasyl MATIYCHYK (First Vice-President, Taxpayers Association of Ukraine)
Barbara KOLM (Director, Austrian Economics Center)

Panel 1 
Place and role of Ukraine in united Europe. What model of economic development to choose in the new realities?

Today Ukraine faces a difficult transitional period. What model of economic development to choose? Conservatism and rationality or dramatic reforms and innovative thoughts can lead Ukraine out of the recession? How globalization processes are affecting today's current state of Europe and Ukraine? What economic benefits will get Europe with Ukraine's integration into the EU? What role will Ukraine get in big Europe? Is Ukraine ready for an open economy? Let’s talk about tendencies of development and its dominant factors.

Chair: Oleksandr SUSHKO ( Research Director, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation) 


Viktor PYNZENYK (Peoples Deputy of Ukraine, former Minister of Finance and Vice Prime-Minister of Ukraine)TBC
Barbara KOLM (Director, Austrian Economics Center)

Olena ZAKHAROVA (Member of the Board, Director of the Foreign Policy Department, International Center for Policy Studies)

Yaroslav ZHALILO (First Deputy Director, the National Institute for Strategic Studies)

John CHARALAMBAKIS (Chief Economist, Black Summit Financial Group Inc.)

Gabriela von  HABSBURG (Senior Fellow, Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies)

Coffee break

Panel 2

Exodus vs. Incentives: Can enhanced competitiveness stop Europe’s loss of many of the most talented and enterprising? What will keep Ukrainians from mass emigration in case of simplification of visa regime?

For several years and counting, Europe has borne witness to the continued exodus of scores of its brightest and gifted – particularly devastating is the departure of young talent from the continent. Is this “brain drain” a natural consequence of a connected world or has Europe failed to create an environment attractive to the best among us? Can the trend be reversed? Are strategic economic incentives an appropriate tool? Today Ukrainian labor migrants claim those jobs that are released as a result of emigration from the EU. What consequences will have visa liberalization with the EU? Will active and skilled Ukrainians be replaced with workers from other countries? What could provide more opportunities and help especially the young to develop in their own country?


Chair:Lorenzo MONTANARI (ED, Property Rights Alliance)


Oleh PANKEVYCH (People's Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Head of the Committee on European Integration) TBC
John FUND (Columnist, Wall Street Journal)

Ella LIBANOVA (Director,  Institute of Demography and Social Studies)

Mark KLUGMANN (Creator of the LEAP Zones/LEAP Cities)

Dan MITCHELL (Senior Fellow, Cato Institute)

Severin MEISTER (Deputy Chairman, Industrieliegenschaften-verwaltung AG, Vienna, Austria)

Closing remarks




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