The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine promises to reimburse 70-90% of VAT automatically

  • 6/17/14 12:24 AM

The Head of the State Fiscal Service expects to increase reimbursement of value added tax in the automatic mode to 70-90% , currently   -  50%.

This was stated by the Head of the State Fiscal Service Igor Bilous at a meeting with representatives of the Management of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, says UNIAN.

"I can say that we receive a lot of criticism about the automatical refund. I want to say that this month almost 50% were reimburced automatically. We are ready to proceed with the revision of criteria for automatic compensation and increase the percentage to  70-90%," - said Bilous.

He also said that in June, the Service expects to reimburse 4.5-5 billion UAH, which nearly  corresponds to parameters of April and May this year.

"In April the compensation amounted to 4.2 billion,  in May - 4.9 billion. I think we will return at about 4.5-5 billion this month," - said the head of the State Fiscal Service.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

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