The New Order of Accounting of Taxpayers is Already in Action

  • 6/6/14 4:56 PM

We remind you that the Ministry of Finance, by the Order of 22.04.2014, № 462 amended the Procedure of accounting taxpayers and fees.

Procedure established that in case of  re-registration of Crimean entrepreneurs and receiving by the supervisory authorities the information about the location (residence) of the taxpayer or receiving the application № 1-OPP or № 5-OPP marked as "modified", records of such taxpayers shall be based on the following:

1) the statements and documents from the taxpayers, as well as taking them on the record are made no later than the next business day after receipt of information from the Unified State Register or applications from taxpayers;

2) Taxpayers who have changed the location / place of residence prior to the entry into force of the Order and were not taken to account for the new location, the relevant regulatory authorities put on the account within two days after the effective date of this Order.

Accounting of taxpayers is held by the tax number.


Source: "Debit-Credit"


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