The Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine is finally eliminated

  • 7/8/14 3:32 PM

The Cabinet of Ministers has issued a regulation on the establishment of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, thereby completely eliminating the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine.

This is stated in the decree № 236 of the Government.  According to the decree, the State Fiscal Service, the formation of which was announced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in May of this year, is the central body of executive power; it is responsible for the implementation of state policy on taxes, customs, administration of single social contributions for compulsory social insurance. In addition, the State Fiscal Service implements public policy in the fight against crimes in terms of the tax and customs laws and regulations of the single contribution.  

Начало формы
Under the Regulations, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine is the central executive body whose activities are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet and implements:
- State tax policies
- State policy in the sphere of civil customs,
- Public policy of the administration of a single social contribution,
- Public policy in the fight against crimes in the application of tax and customs legislation as well as legislation on the payment of a single fee.

DFS will exercise the powers directly and through the established branches. As part of DFS and its territorial bodies the tax police units will operate too, which will be coordinated by the First Deputy Chairman of DFS and deputy heads of territorial bodies of DFS.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has appointed Igor Bilous as the Head of the State Financial Service, dismissing him from the post of the First Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine. Volodymyr Khomenko, also dismissed from his post as the Deputy Minister of Revenue and Dues of Ukraine, and Anatoliy Makarenko have been appointed as deputy heads of the State Financial Service. As expected, Volodymyr Khomenko as first deputy head of State Financial Service will be in charge of the tax police and fighting tax crimes. Anatoliy Makarenko as the deputy head of the State Financial Service will be responsible for customs service.  


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