IMF: Amount of Financial Aid to Ukraine Will Depend on the State of the Economy

  • 3/13/14 12:46 PM

The amount of the financial aid that could be given to Ukraine in the frames of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund will be fixed after the completion of the mission of the fund in Kyiv that evaluates the current economic situation in the country.
The official representative of IMF Jerry Rice informed that during the press-briefing in Washington.
According to his words, it is early to talk about any numbers.
“We expect that the mission in Kyiv will be finished at an early date, may be tomorrow. After that the mission will gives its valuation and recommendations concerning further actions in the sphere of economic policy to the leadership of the IMF, that could be the basis of the programme, in particular according the sum of the financial aid”, he said.
As was informed earlier, the mission of IMF plans to work in Ukraine on March 4th -14th. The Fund intends to estimate the current economic situation and discuss the reforms in the sphere of economic policy, that could become a basis for the programme, supported by IMF.
Director-manager IMF Christine Lagarde under the results of the meeting with the Prime-Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk on Wednesday confirmed the interest of the Fund in provision of aid.

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