Seminars and workshops

One of the main objectives of the Association as defined by the Charter is mass- explanatory and educational work among taxpayers.

Taken into consideration the urgent need of taxpayers to obtain reliable information about changes in legislation, the Association focuses on the development of mass-explanatory direction of its activity.

Today the Association offers to taxpayers such educational activities as sectional and sectoral seminars, workshops, and webinars.

During seminars, workshops the urgent issues of performing of tax accounting and bookkeeping of enterprises are discussed, jurisprudence is analyzed, the problems of taxpayers are summarized.

The peculiarities of cooperation with us:

  1. Every participant has an opportunity to get the information from primary source – from experts-legislators;
  2. Every participant gets the individual consultation on his issue as well as practical recommendation from the lecturer-expert;
  3. A booklet with explanations is printed to every seminar or workshop, the contents of which is renewed by the experts of the Association according to the current legislation;
  4. The educational events are conducted in national language;
  5. The geography of educational activities covers the whole territory of Ukraine;
  6. We cooperates with structural committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Registration Service of Ukraine etc.

Problematic issues, considered during the seminar by taxpayers are included to the proposals concerning making changes to taxation and customs legislations.

Educational events of the TAU helped to find out a great number of discrepant issues that are very urgent and important for taxpayers nowadays.

Seminars are the most efficient instrument to inform and help taxpayers.

There are such kinds of seminars:

  • regional and district – for taxpayers of a particular region, district on general issues of taxation;
  • sectoral – cover not only taxation issues but also other topics regarding business activity;
  • narrow-purpose – seminars on different kinds of taxes.

Workshops have shown the interest of taxpayers in holding of exactly narrow-purposed studies, where everyone has an opportunity to get the answer to his questions and get the individual consultation from the lecturer thanks to small number of participants.

The format of the meeting is not limited by the lecture but gains the format of discussion and informal communication.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine our life without Internet. Taking into consideration the importance of time we have introduced the new form of educational event – webinars, on-line meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops through Internet in the real time environment. The peculiarities of webinars are as follows:

  • money saving;
  • time saving;
  • interactive participation;
  • there are no boundaries and distance.
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