Development Priorities of the TAU

The main foreground job for the development of the Association is promotion of conversion of the Association into a leading entity of formation of Ukrainian taxation policy.

In order to perform its strategic tasks the Association cooperates with all state structures and non-governmental organizations, which work is directed into protection of the legal rights and interests of taxpayers.

Principled stand of the Association is a constructive dialogue with government on all unsettled issues (public hearings, round tables etc.)

The Cooperation with Public and Local Authorities is an efficient instrument of realization of legal relationships between the state and taxpayers.

The precondition for development of partner relationships with bodies of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties is considered to be, according to the Association, the adherence to principles of fairness, equality, obligation, transparency and neutrality, creation of proper conditions for public control over the activity of taxation bodies.

The Association monitors the regulatory acts, activity of the deputies, deputy factions, and officials, takes part in a law-making process, and insists on extension and full realization of legal rights and interests of taxpayers.

The Association actively analyses initiation of bills, government actions in the sphere of taxation legislation formation, initiates public discussion on it and submits proposals of community for consideration of the Parliament.

The Association assures the learning of the current situation by inquiring of public opinion, sociological studies; organizing of round tables, brainstorming and focus groups; popularizing and discussing of actual ideas and initiatives in central and local mass media etc.

The Association makes an effort to reduce the number of taxes and simplify the tax burden on taxpayers.

In order to increase the motivation for tax payment as well as rational expenditure of taxpayers’ money, the Association initiates the programme of public control over the expenditure of budgetary funds on all levels.

In order to increase the level of knowledge of taxpayers and encourage voluntary and timely paying of taxes, the Association continues to hold mass-elucidative and consultative work on taxation legislation, rising the social status of a taxpayer.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the work for the members, the Association works on introduction of the services discount programme.

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