Law-making activity of TAU

Law-making activity is one of the main statutory objectives of the TAU to protect the rights of taxpayers.

Experts of the TAU constantly monitor the Tax Code and other regulations to identify rules that violate the rights of taxpayers or suggest ambiguous interpretation of them, generalize taxpayer’s proposals relating to the improvement of tax legislation and the solution of problems in the field of taxation, prepare and give suggestions on amendments to the regulations.

During 2013 the TAU has prepared more than 20 proposals to amend the regulations.


• Improvement of the taxation procedure of the income tax and VAT;

• Taxation of transactions carried out by financial and banking institutions;

• Formation of insurance reserves by banks;

• Internal Trade in Ukraine;

• Excise duty on beer and not referring beer to commodity groups - alcoholic drinks;

• Approval of summarizing tax consultations by the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine;

• Peculiarity of reporting income tax, VAT and the Single Social Tax.

The Association also expresses its position during the public discussions on draft regulations, which are developed by authorities and concerning the maintenance of financial - economic activity of the taxpayer.

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