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Agreement on cooperation and collaboration


This Agreement enters into forceon the day of May 15, 2013 by and betweenthe Taxpayers Association of Ukraine, represented by the President Valentyna Arbuzova on the one part, and the National Taxpayers Union,represented by the President Duane Parde on the other part, hereinafter referred to individually as a Party and collectively as the Parties.

WHEREAS, taxpayers wish to protect their rights and interest against growingtax requirements of the state;

WHEREAS,the Parties wish to develop more effective internationalcooperation on issues of establishment of a society with lower taxes;

WHEREAS, the taxpayers invested in the other Party’s country have an interest in establishing equitable administrative procedures when interacting with tax authorities;

WHEREAS, the strengthening of the mutually beneficial cooperation between theParties will aid the development of the economic potential of both countries;

NOW THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:


Article 1

The Parties, following the principles of mutual respect and non-interference into the other Party’s activity, in order to fulfill their respective missions,  hereby cooperate with each other toward the common good, aimed at further developing the economic potential of their countries and maintaining  a partnership and mutually respectful relations between the taxpayers and the state authorities of both countries.

This Agreement is not targeted at receiving profit by any Party in any form thereof.


Article 2

In order to fulfill tasks set to the Parties, the Parties consider development of the following forms of cooperation being necessary:

  • promotion of contacts and interchange of information between the Parties and taxpayers of both countries;
  • assistance in expanding the role of the taxpayers’ movement in civil society;
  • comparative research into the influence of taxation and government spending on the economic development of a country;
  • assistance to the other Party’s members with issues of taxation policy; and
  • coordination of efforts toward fostering cooperation of taxpayers around the world.


Article 3

The Parties cooperate in a sphere of civil, economic, tax and labor policy to the extent that the available resources of each Party will permit, including:

  • integration of efforts preparing statements of policy, development of legislation, and other official proposals for presentation to authorities and elected officials;
  • assistance in protection of the taxpayers’ rights and interests;
  • mutual consultations and exchange of views and information on legislation, administrative rulings, and other analytical materials; and
  • bilateral assistance in internship programs.


Article 4

The Parties cooperate in various international economic, legal and other organizations and institutions; and, support each other when joining these international organizations, in case one Party has already a member status.


Article 5

The Parties organize congresses, conferences, seminars and other educational events on different taxation issues together as well as separately at the invitation of the other Party, to the extent that the available resources of each Party will permit.


Article 6

The Parties cooperate on further development of procedures in their respective countries to encourage the fair and impartial settlement of disputable issues between the taxpayers and the state authorities of one Party on the territory of the other Party, to the extent that the laws in each Party’s country and the available resources of each Party will permit..


Article 7

The Parties develop cooperation educating the taxpayers, as well as promote connections between educational establishments and scientific and research institutions.


Article 8

By means of separate agreements the Parties may establish common bodies which may be necessary for fulfillment of provisions of the present Agreement.


Article 9

The Parties endeavor to avoid actions which may inflict harm to the other Party.


Article 10

The Parties will conclude other contracts and agreements necessary for a particular fulfillment of the present Agreement’s provisions.


Article 11

The present Agreement enters into force from the date of its signing by both Parties and is validfor a period of 2 (two) years.

All changes and amendments to the current Agreement are valid upon written arrangement, consent, and signatures of both Parties. All such changes and amendments become an integral part of the Agreement.

A Party may not assign rights and obligations stipulated by the present Agreement to a thirdParty without a written consent of the other Party.

The present Agreement will be extended for subsequent and additional two-year terms unless a Party  expresses in a written form its intention to terminate the validity of the present Agreement notlater than 90 (ninety) days before the expiration of the period mentioned above.


Article 12

All disputes which may arise subject to current Agreement are to be settled through negotiations between the two parties themselves, reflecting accepted principles of good faith as outlined by organizations such as the International Mediation Institute. No remedies through courts of law or other government institutions are expressed or implied unless consented to by both Parties in a separate contract, amendment, or other change to this Agreement


Article 13

The present Agreement is signed in two counterparts, in Ukrainian and English languages. Both texts have equal force.


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