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The main area of focus of the international activity of the TAU is studying the international experience of foreign taxpayers’ organizations in order to establish better model of protection of legal rights of taxpayers, based upon the dialogue and partnership with government.

Since July 2001 the TAU is a member of the World Taxpayers Associations. In addition, since December 2001 the Association was accepted to the membership of the Taxpayers Association of Europe.

The TAU cooperates with organizations and unions of taxpayers from more than 22 countries from all over the world, among which are the USA, China, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, countries of the Asia-Pacific region etc.

Since 2012 the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine is a co-organizer of the international discussion “Free Market Road Show” in Kyiv, in the frames of which experts discuss the peculiarities of European taxation and monetary policies, conditions of successful reforming of tax system of Ukraine in the context of European integration processes. It is planned to continue the cooperation in organizing and holding of such international discussion basis. 

In May 2012, the international conference of the World Taxpayers Associations on the topic “How the Worldwide Taxpayers’ Movement Can Become Stronger” became a very important event. More than 52 participants from 22 countries of the world participated in this global event. The Conference promoted the creation of positive image of the Association and strengthening of cooperation with organizations, the activity of which is directed onto protection of rights and interests of taxpayers.

In 2013 the Partnership Agreement was signed between the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine and the Taxpayers Association of Beijing, which provides the assistance in cooperation and information exchange between taxpayers of both countries, conducting of comparative research of influence of taxpaying and state expences on the economic development of countries as well as consolidation of common efforts in the sphere of international cooperation of taxpayers.

During the visit to the United State of America the TAU established cooperation with such public organizations asAmericans for Tax Reform, Tax Alliance and National Taxpayers Union. In particular, with the National Taxpayers Union the Cooperation and Partnership Agreement was signed.

The Association facilitates to development of international relations by organizing and participating in international conferences, forums, seminars of the World Taxpayers Associations, Taxpayers Association of Europe, and Taxpayers’ Associations of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Taking into consideration the fact that international cooperation is the effective direction of the organization’s activity and an important factor of its development, the Association continues its work to expand the geography of cooperation and to set up constructive dialogue with international institutions and civil society organizations.

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