Annual Ukrainian Awards "The Best Taxpayers"

In 2011, the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine established Annual Ukrainian Awards "The Best Taxpayers" in order to create suitable conditions for development of mutually advantageous cooperation between the state and business. The Association gifted this present to Ukraine's 20th anniversary. The objective of the Rating is to strengthen the role and authority of a taxpayer in the life of the country and rising of general culture of tax payment. 

Having honoured the winners on the state level, we establish the tradition of respectful attitude to an average taxpayer. This is our main aim – to promote to social recognition of the rope of contentious taxpayers and popularization of the idea of fair business conducting.

In relations between the state and business a new epoch has come - an epoch of equality, partnership relations and mutually beneficial cooperation.

• creating of favorable conditions for further business development;
• awarding taxpayers best achievements;
• development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the state and business.

• emerging role and weight of a taxpayer in the life of a country;
• promotion of general education of tax payment;
• maintenance of entrepreneurial spirit among people.

To pay taxes is responsible and prestigious.

Therefore, the taxpayer's time has come.

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