Banking club

The aim of the club is to create the communicative ground for influential representatives of the banking sector and form business environment that promotes the arisal of unique business contacts, experience exchange and solving certain sectoral problems.

Tasks of the Club

  • to defend the interests of the banking sector in the sphere of taxation and improvement of taxation legislation, connected with bank activity;
  • to promote the improvement of the activity of banking sector of economy of Ukraine by monitoring the current legislation and development of  proposals for amendments to it;
  • to promote the development of business contacts between the Club Members, realization of their common business-ideas and projects;
  • to prepare appeals to the government, on the results of the Club work, on which depends the arrival at a decision concerning the banking sphere;
  • to optimize the connection between banks and representatives of business, government, NGO;
  • to develop international business and cultural cooperation of the Club Members;
  • to promote the formation of positive image of domestic social and business elite in Ukraine and abroad;
  • to organize and hold charitable actions and other actions, that could be interesting for the Club Members.
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